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Print Material

The print material sections are designed for you to print and use in conjunction with the book. Please use them regularly as they will be an excellent gauge to how you are progressing. Each page can be opened and is available for printing on most printers.

Control Mechanisms  Page 1

This section has been developed to understand control mechanisms and how to change them. The three pages from the book will assist you to release yourself from control mechanisms in your life that you no longer need. See if you can identify what control mechanisms people used on you when you were younger. These templates will assist you to deal with these issues and release them.

Draw a picture of that person however you would like to represent them above.
The persons name we are dealing with:_________________________

Next write down your exact feelings about that person. Remember that only you will see these pieces of paper, so feel free to express exactly how you feel. Again, the more detail the better.