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Print Material

The print material sections are designed for you to print and use in conjunction with the book. Please use them regularly as they will be an excellent gauge to how you are progressing. Each page can be opened and is available for printing on most printers.

Evaluation Meter

I have designed two Evaluation Meters to really highlight the difference between ANC and APC below.
The top meter is for you to record your information. The bottom meter is an example. Please use it as often as you can. Explore what it has to offer.
Reproduce it as many times as you like and use it as a reference to how you are travelling. Don’t be afraid to be honest when recording the information. Remember no wrong or right, just different outcomes.
Quite often people like a “measuring stick” to monitor their progress. The meters offer this opportunity for you. If you find you may vary from side to side initially that is ok. Eventually you will find a progressive move to the positive.
This is a printable page for the Circumstance Evaluation Meter. Select the print option on this page and it will print on a standard printer.

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