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Qigong Sessions  

"Qigong is a beautiful, peaceful, modality which allows an individual to become calm and tranquil whilst allowing the Qi to flow through the body."

Qigong Principals

Qigong is a practice that incorporates breathing techniques and Qi movements and postures to help adjust balance in an individual’s body and mind.
It also heightens feeling, internal awareness, and to promote an overall more balanced and healthy existence. As a result of aligning the consciousness and the body in more harmonious communication with each other we find the body healthier, with a stronger immunity to protect against invasive forces like sickness and disease. Having more internal awareness and stronger bodily communication can also help an individual to find their strengths and weaknesses, develop life goals, and learn to train their bodies and minds together.
It can also teach an individual how to be in better communication with their body and thus have better internal coordination. Internal qigong practice can also be called ‘soft’ Qigong. Qigong’s main focus is on the body and health preservation.

Both are considered internal/soft qigong. In internal Qigong the focus is placed on deep breathing. The practice of soft qigong does not require the use of large amounts of physical energy. This type of training can help to open the lungs and strengthen respiration, strengthen the organs, and also open the energy channels and meridians of the body.
The benefits of internal Qigong practice are vast. Internal Qigong practice is beneficial for all people and can help with physical and emotional ailments that an individual may be suffering from. The main practice of internal Qigong is the practice of taking in healthy fresh Qi and expelling the waste, toxins, and unhealthy Qi that have accumulated in our bodies over time. Alongside this practice is the practice of collecting Qi and storing it in the dan tian to strengthen the body and revitalize the energy, and the spirit.

After extensive practice and enough Qi has been cultivated in the dan tian of a practitioner they can then learn to use it to strengthen the five organs and also to use the mind an intention to circulate Qi to open the body’s energy channels and meridians. The result being that a practitioner’s body and mind then gradually returns to the calm, soft, supple state.
The practice of Qigong is a practice that people of all body types, ages, and goals can partake in. The practice of Qigong can help strengthen an individual’s external and internal bodies, vital energies, spirit. By awakening the potential of our bodies, strengthening their immunity and inter-communication, and understanding them more we can eventually have success in having a clean and calm body and mind.

* Warning consumer alert. There are numerous charlatans claiming to be Qigong instructors or teachers. Unless they have trained for at least 10 years with a master, they are fake and definitely con- artists. True Qigong teachers or masters never mix modalities. If a self-proclaimed teacher or instructor of Qigong can not supply  you with their lineage of training and masters name, unfortunately, they are fake and definitely do not pay them for their services offered.*

Qigong Session AUD $450

Qigong Session

Approximately 90 minute session. 
Including introduction, which will explore specific issues to be addressed.
Followed by Qigong session.
Conclusion with a review of the work carried out and questions answered.

Please note all sessions are by appointment only.