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The print material sections above are designed for you to print and use in conjunction with the book. Please use them regularly as they will be an excellent gauge to how you are progressing. Each page can be opened and is available for printing on most printers.

Resolving Fear

I want you to look at Resolving Fear as an exploratory exercise, a way of identifying fear and control issues in your life. Remember there is no right or wrong, merely choices. This is a great way of moving past fear to a happier, freer lifestyle.

Underneath, write down the name of the person who was controlling you. Ask yourself what form of emotional control the person used on you. For example, did they use anger, yelling, or maybe even emotional blackmail? Be as detailed as you can.
Now, write down what that person wanted from you – that is, what was that person using fear to make you do? How you felt about being controlled. How you responded to this person’s control of you.
Next, write down how long that person used control on you. Also, how long ago was it that you were last in contact with this person?
Draw a picture of that person however you would like to represent them in the box below.
Next write down your exact feelings about that person. Remember that only you will see these pieces of paper, so feel free to express exactly how you feel. Again, the more detail the better.

The name of the person who was controlling you:

What form of control did the person use on you?

What did that person want from you (what did they make you do)?

How did you feel about being controlled?

How did you respond to the person controlling you?

How long did that person have control over you?

How long ago was it that you were last in contact with this person?

Now it is time to venture into the next process which is the Control Mechanism Pages here.