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Hello, my name is Gregory Allan.
I am the author of Empowerment of One; the journey begins.
I have been a practitioner assisting people to find their own truths for over seventeen years.
On many occasions people have asked me to write a book to share my life experiences and knowledge.
So now it gives me great pleasure to be able to share my awareness with you.
This website has been designed to support the book.

I hope you enjoy the book and gain some greater knowledge, wisdom and insight. The book will hopefully shed some light on these troubled times and give you some greater awareness of your true life's purpose.

My Qualifications

I was first introduced to Qi when I was 23 years old (1986). A friend I had met Senny showed me the basics of Qi and how it worked and how could assist people to remove energy blockages.
1986. Once I started working with the Qi energy I was amazed at its results. Later that year I had the opportunity to do a course with Ron Urquart, Vision Quest Melbourne. This further opened my awareness and ability to use Qi for assisting clients to release blockages by doing regression sessions working with Qi and the clients Chakra’s.
1986. I had been a participant at Augustine in Hawthorn Melbourne for 3 months and I was given the opportunity to train as a group facilitator which I trained for another 8 months to become a facilitator.

1987. I studied Reiki 1 & 2 with Gillian Rose in Melbourne. This gave me more insight of other modalities.
1987 was also when I started to do past life regression work with clients and combining Qi to release deeper, more complex blockages.
1988. I started running additional group sessions in the evenings using Qi as the main basis for the work shops.
1999. I moved to Gippsland started working with people and teaching them about Qi.
2002. I went to Taiwan and met a Qigong master in a temple in Taipie. He gave me a special session and explained more about Qigong and its uses including the “Qi Energy Ball”.
I returned to Australia and continued teaching these new principles and also incorporated them into the client session.

2003. I continued practicing the traditional Qigong daily and after a few months I was introduced to my spiritual master: Qigong Master Lee. He taught me how to open client’s chakra’s to more readily work with Qi. Also to teach clients how to use the Qi Energy Ball.
2006. I moved back to Melbourne and continued practicing Qigong most days.
I have been to China (Chongqing) 6 times in the last 9 years and have met some additional teachers of Qigong and explored further uses for Qigong.
2012. I moved back to Geelong where I still practice Qigong most days and continue practitioning regression work.

* Warning consumer alert. There are numerous charlatans claiming to be Qigong instructors or teachers. Unless they have trained for at least 10 years with a master, they are fake and definitely con artists. True Qigong teachers or masters never mix modalities. If a self-proclaimed teacher or instructor of Qigong can not supply their lineage of training and masters name, unfortunately, they are fake and definitely do not pay them for their services offered.*