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"If you have difficulty moving forward, it is because you have a blockage from the past. It is locked away in your sub conscious and can be resolved with a Regression Session.
If it is a difficulty from a past life, then you might want to catch up with me for a Past Life Regression session".

Introduction to Regression work and specifically what a session consists of.

The Regression work I do is very unique and there are only a few who are privileged to work in this very specific arena.

The purpose of a session is to firstly identify specific issues that a client has but is unable to resolve it. Then we must go back to the point of origin to fix the issue then move forward.
For example: A client came to see me with pain in his left shoulder. He had the pain for many years. He had seen many GP’s and specialists but none could resolve his pain.
At the commencement of the session we discussed the issues he was having with his shoulder. We then started the Regression session and I gently took him back to the point of origin. It was in a previous life and he was in a battle. An opponent cut off his arm at the shoulder. I spent some time healing the pain and then brought him back from the regression. He woke up, sat up and rubbed his shoulder. The pain had completely gone. We reviewed the work that was done and he was a very happy client. The session took approximately 2 hours. His problem was resolved.

The specifics: Life is about experiences good and bad. There are millions of experiences in a lifetime. Imagine all the experiences as files stored in the mind and the body. The good experiences are filed in the system. The bad experiences are also files but have an emotional "trauma label", which has been stuck to the file. This file is affecting you right now.
The main purpose of regression is to go back to the point of origin, remove the "trauma label" then the file remains part of the system but without the emotional attachment. As per the above example. The "trauma label" are what is impacting your life right now.
The "trauma label" may be in this life or previous. They exist, and if they are affecting your life in a detrimental way, they can be resolved.
You are in control of the session the whole time. At any part of the session you are able to return and conclude the regression work if required.

Another example: As a child you might have been happily playing on the beach when a large dog comes up to you. You were a little overwhelmed by its size, but if your mother comes running up screaming at the dog to go away, it totally scares you and the emotional experience intensifies. All of a sudden what was an enjoyable time, becomes fearful and emotional charged experience with a "trauma label" attached to your encounter. That is, “all big dogs are scary and something to be afraid of”.
So, as an adult, without realizing it, when a big dog comes towards you, you become instantly fearful and generally you withdraw and deal with the situation awkwardly. You have, without being aware, “regressed” back to that first encounter with the dog. The "trauma label" has automatically taken you back to that first encounter. Even though you are now an adult, you feel helpless how to deal with that repeated encounter as you were when you a child. Throughout our life, we have many "trauma labels" attached to our “life files” and yes of course it starts to distort our life’s perspective.
The purpose is to go back to the “point of origin” (the first encounter), remove the "trauma label" from the file. Then the file just becomes another file without emotional attachment. This means, when a big dog comes up to you in a similar pattern to the first, you can respond as an adult (without the "trauma label") so you might actually pat the dog and say hello instead of being filled with fear and unable to move.

This is a simple example of how “Regression Therapy” works. However, it is relevant to all emotional blockages that each one of us has blocked away in our sub-conscious. Why does it end up in the sub-conscious? As the small child, the whole experience was too overwhelming to deal with at the time, so the child locked the file away with the emotional "trauma label" attached in the sub-conscious.

In most cases I have take clients back to resolve issues. A few have come to see me more curiously to see what past life is about and to understand the relevance it has in this life.

This is not hypnosis nor contains any part of hypnotherapy. There is no association in techniques, processes or theorem.

Regression Session 

Regression Session  AUD $849

Approximately 2-hour session
Including introduction, which will explore specific issues to be addressed.
Followed by regression time to track back to the point of origin where the issue first arose.
Conclusion with a review of the regression work carried out.

Past Life Regression AUD $949

Approximately 2-hour session
Including introduction which will explore specific issues to be addressed or if the session is more exploratory based.
Regression time to track back to the point of origin where the issue first arose. Alternatively traveling back to explore specific occasions that would be relevant to this lifetime.
Conclusion with a review of the regression.

Please note all sessions are by appointment only

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