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As the founder of Empowerment of One and the developer of this website, it has been my ambition to bring people together of similar philosophies to share concepts, wisdom, knowledge and ideologies. The twitter account is a special congregational space designed to assist, encourage and motivate all constituents to their highest potential.
We are all students and teachers. Everyone has something unique to share and this environment has been designed for that very purpose.
May great wisdoms and knowledge be shared and great aspirations discovered.
Gregory Allan


The twitter account is to share your thoughts, ideas and aspirations.
It has been designed for you. Please enjoy and connect with similar people like yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to ask any of your questions by clicking on the below email tabs to contact me via email.
If you would like your question not to be published please click on the confidential question tab.
Please note that your identity remains confidential at all times. I will endeavor to answer your questions as quickly as possible.
I will shortly start my second book in which I will go deeper into Empowerment of One.
Some of the questions I get asked may be published but individuals identity will remain confidential at all times.

Print Material

The print material sections above are designed for you to print and use in conjunction with the book.
Please use them regularly as they will be an excellent gauge to how you are progressing.
Each page can be opened and is available for printing on most printers.

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